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Sasser Worm Strikes!
Many Computers in Gonzales and the surrounding area have been damaged by this worm.
Since about the beginning of this month (May 2004) Greg's has seen several computers infected by the Sasser worm. A worm is different from a virus in that you don't need to receive an infected file to be infected. The only thing necessary is to be on a network with a computer that is infected.

The Sasser worm attacks Windows 2000 and XP machines that have a security flaw and which are not protected by a firewall or an up-to-date anti-virus. Other computers can get variants of the Sasser worm which work in the same manner but exploit different security flaws. The end result is the same — an infected computer.

Greg's is ready to help you remove the virus, any other damaging bugs it may have let in, repair any software damage they may have caused, and install the necessary software to prevent such a thing happening again.

More Information:

The Sasser worm exploits a security flaw documented in Microsoft's knowledgebase article #835732 and security bulletin MS04-011

The worm affects all NT based Windows Operating Systems: XP, 2000, Servers. It does not infect Windows 95, 98, nor Me systems.

To protect yourself from infection by this virus, please visit Microsoft's Sasser Page for complete instructions by type of operating system.

Microsoft also provides a Sasser Worm Removal Tool that you can run to check for and remove the sasser virus.

If any of the following conditions are true, you cannot get the Sasser worm:

  • Your computers are behind a correctly configured firewall
  • Your computers are up-to-date with Microsoft Critical Updates
  • Your computers are running an up-to-date anti-virus software

If any computer in your network gets the Sasser worm, other computers on the network can get the worm as well, even if they are behind a firewall. All it takes is one open door and the worm can enter and start causing damage.

We are experienced in removing this virus and repairing the damage it can cause. Please call us and we will be glad to help you resolve this problem.